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A new manufacturing paradigm based on computer-driven optimization, additive manufacturing & robotic assembly that evolves the end-to-end vehicle manufacturing & assembly standard.


Autonomous E2E software testing for CI/CD, powered by ML and end-user behavior.

Feb 2019

A simple marketing, distribution & purchase order management platform used by Mitsubishi for their G-Tape product line.

ReactRedux/SagaSpeech RecognitionWebpackHIPAAAWSSSO

A mutli-application support network for management and computational evaluations for neurilogical research and diagnosis. Interfaces with a series of customizeable mobile test suites.

May 2018

A heavily A/B tested forward facing site acts as a funnel to help connect home buyers & seller with top real estate agents. Also provides agents tools to better manage their accounts.

Mar 2018
React NativeRedux/SagaTypescriptWebpackAuth0

A react-native iOS application that allows remote saftey observational data to be captured and processed. The app features network aware data-caching and backups for offline use.

Nov 2017

An e-commerce website combinned with a collection of seperate dashboards and tablet-based applications that serve as in-store and administrative points-of-contacts to help run this loyalty & rewards network.

Jun 2017
ReactRedux/SagaTypescriptWebpackFirebaseFacebook Graph

A Facebook-based, mobile-focused app to streamline both discovery & submissions for corporate sweepstakesas. Also features a robust admin dashboard for data management and analysis.

Mar 2017

A digital sales platform using remote lambda functions with real-time cloud-based data storage and an Stripe based payment gateway. Includes an administrative ordering system with a custom interface for managing orders & payments.

Jan 2017
ReactRedux/SagaES6WebpackFirebaseRuby on Rails

A nimble web application that reduces gratuitous data-entry and allow for seamless data-links for large legal process serving companies.

Dec 2016
ReactRedux/SagaES6WebpackIsomorphicJWTGoogle Maps API

A snappy, heavily optimzed webapp that brings together a swath of contextual data related to the MLS properties and assemble them in a way that was both informative and easy to parse for home buyers.

Sep 2016

A fully responsive, single-page react app that allows remote saftey observational data to be captured and processed. The app features network aware data-caching and backups for offline use.

EmberRuby on RailsA/B TestingData VisualizationImage Processing

A highly configurable lead conversion tool that allows non-technical users to design an test custom collection funnels for their websites. Integrates with over a dozen third-party email marketing apps.

Feb 2016
ReactRuby on RailsCoffeeScriptData Visualization

A platform to bring together private equity investors and businesses in a controlled and trsutworthy envrionment. Includes tracking tools and educational support for both sides.

Oct 2015
ReactRuby on RailsCoffeeScriptData Visualization

Provides comprehensive and accurate document parsing software for insurance brokers, and clear, legible reporting for their clients. Allowes for tagging and tracking of user-defined metrics for easily digestible reporting.


Online employment platform allowing job seekers to find new job opportunities as well as access career resources, salary tools and personalized insight.s

ReactAlt/FluxRuby on RailsPDF Generation

Personalizable books that allow parents to discuss serious issues with their children, such as upcoming divorce, illness, transition, and tragedy. Written by authors and child psychologists in very clear but sensitive formats.

EmberRuby on RailsA/B TestingData Visualization

A sophisticated user interaction and utility data to provide real solutions nationwide, especially in areas hurting from a lack of resources. Clear reporting tools allow for easy tracking of personal comsumption.

May 2015

An on-demand video editing service with several packages tailored to the most common needs. The platform boasts a simple and informative tracking dashboard to help users & editors communicate and track progress throughout the process.

Apr 2015

A simple and engauging application that allows customers to refer business to friends in exchange for perks and rewards. Provides analytics and management platform to help business owners optimize their customer experience.

Jan 2015
HTML5CSS3JavascriptRuby on Rails

The first online, crowd sourced brewery. Users to create and submit custom recipes that then get voted on by the community. The most supported recipes get brewed and shipped.

EmberRuby on RailsGoogle Maps API

An intuitive and quick CRM for linking open bookings & last-minute appointments for beauty salons and spas. Helps buisnesses capitalize on cancelations and unscheduled timeslots.

Jul 2014

Online platform that enables job seekers to share information about job opportunities thier network via text messages.


Immersive augmented reality gaming platform digitally connecting interactive gameplay to create unique gaming experiences.

EmberRuby on RailsGoogle Maps API

A comprehensive, cloud-based software solution for the management of water in oil and gas operations, providing a complete view of the water asset landscape and marketplace.

Nov 2013

A film production management platform. Allows for film producers to manage crews, expenses and production calendars in a single application.

Nov 2012

A kickstarter-like platform to allow fans to support digital startups in return for rewards and perks. Supporters watch the progress and can particpate as testers and early adopters.

Jul 2012
EmberCoffeescriptFacebook Graph

A matchmaking service that utilizese your personal Facebook friend circles to facilitate personal dating recommendations amoung your friend groups.

May 2012

A netwroking tool that allows startups to seek the most qualified talent, based on specific needs, and business pros can find unique and rewarding opportunities that fit within their schedules.