Professional Résumé

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Matt Manske

Product Developer
Los Angeles, CA
  • Typescript
  • Javascript (ES6)
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Ruby
  • React
  • Angular
  • Express
  • React Native
  • Ember
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • User Validation
  • Documentation
  • A/B Testing
  • Assessments
  • Team Deligation
  • Technical Specifications
  • AWS
  • Auth0
  • Firebase
  • Stripe
  • Slack
  • Google Maps
  • UI / UX Design
  • Data Visualization
  • Wireframing
Select Projects
(more projects & details available at
Jun 2019
AngularMongoDBTypescriptMachine LeaningThreeJSNestJSWebGL
Feb 2019
Mitsubishi G-Tape
Nov 2018
ReactRedux/SagaSpeech RecognitionWebpackHIPAAAWSSSO
Mar 2018
Safety Slate iOS
React NativeRedux/SagaTypescriptWebpackAuth0
Jun 2016
EmberRuby on RailsA/B TestingData VisualizationImage Processing
Aug 2015
ReactAlt/FluxRuby on RailsPDF Generation
Nov 2014
EmberRuby on RailsGoogle Maps API
(1 yr)
Divergent 3D
Senoir Platform Development Manager

Lead a team of developers and scientists in various research and development applications spanning generative topology optimization, robotic assembly planning, & additive manufacturing materials exploration.

Dec 2018
(6 mo)
Miro Health
Senior Frontend EngineerDevelopment Manager

Developed a suite of HIPAA compliant applications to assist in clinical neurological, psychiatric, and cognitive assessments. Managed an offshore team and assisted in hiring and onboarding in-house developers.

Jun 2018
(2 yr, 8 mo)
Product ConsultantApplication Developer

Independent contract developer & product consultant for a large range of start-up & intrapreneurial applications. Handled architectural design, product development and offshore team management. Featured examples are listed above.

Oct 2015
(5 yr, 4 mo)
PartnerProduct LeadDevelopment Manager

Built a product team of a dozen developers & support staff. Lead product research & development, code architecture & project management decisions for dozens of startup & intrapreneurial ventures. Developed several large-scale javascript applications.

May 2010
(3 yr, 4 mo)
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Lead DeveloperProject Manager

Lead a team of student developers in executing development parameters that included public institution 503 web accessibility standards & dated software environments.

Johns Hopkins University
Aug 2005
(1 yr, 1 mo)
Johns Hopkins University
Web DeveloperWeb Designer

Designed & developed several support applications for student programs & structured educational programs for both student & staff web management policies.

May 2010
University of Wisconsin – Madison
B.Sc.Fine Arts – Woodworking
Johns Hopkins University
May 2006
Johns Hopkins University
Audio EngineeringJazz Performance
Software Patents
(Aug 2019)
Software interface for generating and optimizing vertical-cell vehicle assembly sequences
Aron DerecicheiMatthew ManskeLukas CzingerAngelo Scandaliato

A software package that mimics assembly floor hand-off patterns & real-time sequential decision making to accurately generate, visualize and replay assembly scenarios. In addition to the simulations, the software also utilizes a modified genetic algorithm to optimize for things like completion time and robot utilization. The package employs a unidirectional, flux-based data propagation pattern that ensures predictable state mutation to avoid race-conditions and allows for time-travel/replay functionality. All code is written in Typescript and compiled to be run both in browser and Node environments.

(design examples available at